Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

by Sydney Smith, Maliko Estate Coffee

Everyone loves the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, but my favorite scent is the exotic fragrance of all my coffee trees when they're in bloom. It fills the valley with its heady aroma and is all the sweeter since it only lasts for a few days. The bedroom turns into heaven as the perfume fills the air with the early morning sunrise.

The coffee plant belongs to a genus of ten species of flowering plants from the Rubiaceae family. This same family includes the lovely gardenia. Imagine being surrounded by acres and acres of blooming gardenias and you may get an idea of what this is like.

A walk through the coffee orchards is never lonely during this time. As company I have thousands of industrious bees harvesting the nectar, never tiring, impressing me with their determination; transforming their work into honey. I'm reminded of the harvest time to come, when it will be my husband, Maurice and myself, working just as hard to get our harvest in. When all these flowers have transformed into plump red coffee cherries waiting to be picked so we can, in turn, transform them into rich, roasted 100% Maui coffee.

Then others can wake up and smell our coffee, brewed in kitchens all over the world, waking people up with it's intoxicating scent.