The Coffee Store

There are several different growing regions of Hawaiian coffees. From the Big Island of Hawaii, The Coffee Store uses the highest grade, 100% Kona Coffee in the roasting of Kona Peaberry, Kona Prime, Kona Fancy, and Kona Organic. Three lesser-known varieties of commercial Hawaiian beans are also gaining popularity here in the Islands, on the Mainland and abroad. Kauai coffee is a light-bodied coffee with mild acidity. Maui's Ka'anapali beans are a medium-body, smooth-finishing coffee. Lastly, the Molokai beans, from the Island of Molokai, offer a light-body, low-acid coffee. Flavored coffees offer unsurpassed quality, as well. To flavor the coffee, The Coffee Store uses only natural flavorings and real coconut, macadamia nut, etc., to enhance the coffee with the delicious tastes of the Islands. The Coffee Store is committed to bringing their customers the most flavorful, highest quality, Hawaiian coffees. They recognize that the consumer has many choices when it comes to the coffee they drink. Therefore they ensure their coffee's quality is unsurpassed. Their aim is to please the most discriminating consumer; the most sophisticated pallets; and this commitment has served them well. The residents of Maui have responded to their quality coffees by voting The Coffee Store - The Best Coffee Store in Maui - for 6 years.