Coffee Consumption Down...or is it?

According to recent market surveys, coffee consumption is slightly down.  This could be as simple as households having less money to spend on luxuries, such as gourmet coffee, but it could have a simpler explanation. The downward trend seems to be limited to younger consumers. But those same younger consumers are getting their caffeine through other products. 5 Hour Energy and locally produced Kona Red are marketed to young consumers as a quick energy boost. Red Bull is the most popular energy (caffeine) drink selling 3 billion cans world-wide last year. A new word has even been added to our lexicon - "can-ergizing" (energizing through a can).  

A new generation of consumers with less and less time to spend on something as time consuming as grinding and brewing a carefully crafted cup of gourmet coffee are getting their buzz in a different way.

For my money though, nothing that comes in a little bottle or a can can replace that first cup of coffee in the morning.