From the Farm to the Cup

Many of our farmers offer farm tours. Some are free, self-guided tours and others charge a fee.

Call or email the following farms to schedule a tour...

 Shim Coffee, Protea and Botanical Farm Tour

Adults: $7
Seniors (over 55) and children (under 6): $5
By Appt. Call: (808) 876-0055

Maui Mountain Homegrown Coffee

By Appt. Call: (808) 572-1370
Touring Maui Mountain Homegrown Coffee

Piliani Kope Farm

For pricing and tour availability, call: (808)661-5479

Maliko Estate Coffee

By Appt. Call: (808) 572-0072

Short Tour: $35.00 per person.
Long Tour: $75.00 per person.
The Coffee Experience Tour: $120.00 per person

Ancient Hawaiian Pictographs - Maliko Estate Coffee