2017 Coffee Cherry Totals Needed

The Hawaii Coffee Association conference is coming up in July (7/26-7/28/18).
At the conference there will be a “State of the Union” presentation regarding coffee production for each island/district for the past year.
In order for Maui and Molokai to be well represented, please take a moment NOW to add up your coffee cherry totals for 2017, as well as any other significant events that you may have encountered in 2017 such as unusual rainfall (or lack of), pests, and anything else that affected—good or bad—your 2017 coffee cherry production.
If you don’t know the exact amount of cherry that you harvested a “guesstimate” is ok.

Please send your totals to Martha Lind (mauimartha@hawaiiantel.net) NO LATER THAN JUNE 1, 2018.